The Courtyards of Vinings

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The Courtyards of Vinings is an upscale community nestled in the heart of Vinings, Georgia made up of 68 homes.

A wonderful, wooded garden community, which is very interested in Cobb County and the Metropolitan Atlanta area. Everyone is very interested in home and lawn beautification, being a vital part of the larger community and working together to protect their property values. Nestled close enough to everything Atlanta and yet positioned so that one feels away from it all when they wish.

While Marquis Management does a fantastic job managing our property, we have developed our own website. This website contains information about our thriving community, including information about the community, properties, local attractions, homeowner info, and a way to connect with us, Marquis Management.

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Summer Tips

It's Summer, and it's time to be prepared for the Georgia heat. Make sure you, your home and car are prepared for everything mother nature can throw at you.
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Courtyards of Vinings


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Address of Property

Below is the address of the Courtyards of Vinings. For directions, type in the address:

The Courtyards of Vinings
Courtyard Dr. NW
Vinings, Georgia 30268