Defoors Walk

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DeFoors Walk Homeowners Association, Inc. is in N.W. Atlanta made up of 45 large, three story townhomes situated around two wonderfully landscaped courtyards.

The property is near downtown Atlanta and very convenient to so many good restaurants, great shopping opportunities, sports arenas and business; however, the property is nestled away and home is so perfect!

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Neighborhood Directory / Meeting Minutes

Access to the Defoors Walk neighborhood directory and Meeting Minutes is password protected for security reasons. To access the directory, enter the password in the text box below. If you don't have the password, send us an email with your request.




Board of Directors

Bethany Rezak President
Lara Hodgson Vice President
John Reichsteiner Treasurer
Rainey Jarrell Secretary
Dr. Charmaine Gray Member at Large




Property Pix

Pay Your Assessment

To pay your assessment, simply mail your payment to:
Marquis Management, Inc.
P.O. Box 639
Sharpsburg, Georgia 30277



Address of Property

Below is athe address of Defoors Walk. For directions, type in the address:

Defoors Walk
DeFoors Drive NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30318