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Fairside Lofts Condominium Association, Inc. is a twelve-year-old loft community in a converted warehouse from 100 years ago. Fifteen owners share the quaint surroundings within an upcoming and revitalizing Castleberry Hills Community. It is within walking distance of the Atlanta Dome and downtown.

High ceilings, large windows, historic aspects to each unit which makes it individual to itself makes this community very different from all else. Wonderful neighborhood shopping and dining make the neighborhood life very convenient.

Fairside House Rules

Access to the Fairside Lofts neighborhood directory is password protected for security reasons. To access the directory, enter the password in the text box below. If you don't have the password, send us an email with your request.

  • No loud noise between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. This applies to all areas of the property including the garage.
  • Notify management at least two (2) days in advance if you are going to have construction/repair work or any other event (parties, etc.) which could cause unusual noise or extra people on the property.
  • If construction or repair work in your unit unexpectedly causes interruptions of power, water or other utilities, please notify the management company and your neighbors immediately.
  • Do not give others your front door code. Please use the intercom system (press and hold “9” until the door release tone sounds) or go to the front door to admit guests and delivery people. You may get temporary door codes (e.g., for parties or service techs) may be obtained from Marquis Management, Inc.
  • Do not leave any exterior building doors, back gate or garage doors open at any time without someone present to monitor access. Please do not drive away until the back gate or garage door is at least halfway closed.
  • Park only in your assigned space in the garage. Please be courteous and position your vehicle to allow as much space as possible for others to maneuver around your vehicle. Large trucks, vans and commercial vehicles are not allowed in the garage, but may park in the back lot.
  • Not more than one guest vehicle per Unit is allowed in the back lot at any time. Second vehicles of residents have priority over guests in these unassigned spaces.
  • You may store items in your assigned spot in the parking garage as long as those items are in a closed container that does not prevent you from parking your vehicle completely within your space, allowing others to maneuver around you. No free-standing storage is allowed in the garage except for Association property.
  • Place all trash completely within garbage cans and recycling containers. If all containers are full or items are too large for them, please place them so that they do not block foot or vehicle traffic.
  • Do not flush grease / feminine hygiene products down drains /toilets of your unit. They will clog the building’s plumbing.
  • Pets may not roam the hallway or back lot. Pets must always be on a leash and attended when in Common Areas of the property. All dog poop must be immediately scooped and properly disposed of.
  • Vehicles and other personal items can be washed in the back lot as long as the activity does not impede parking or traffic. No washing of personal items is allowed in the Common Area of the loading dock. Please roll up the hose and turn off the water when you are finished.
  • Use of common areas is available to all residents on a first-come, first-served basis. Do not leave personal items in these areas and please clean up as soon as you are finished.
  • Until further notice, access to the roof is restricted to maintenance and repairs. No recreational use of the roof is allowed.

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Neighborhood Directory

Access to the Fairside Lofts neighborhood directory is password protected for security reasons. To access the directory, enter the password in the text box below. If you don't have the password, send us an email with your request.




Board of Directors

Chris Barber President
Robert Taylor Secretary
Paul McBratney Treasurer

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Fairside Lofts


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